Libby Grier

Libby Grier

Executive Director and Producer

Libby Grier, is a Triple Award-Winning Executive Director and Producer for a not-for-profit broadcast media network for WYTV7 Community Broadcasters Network, Inc.

Her awards include:

 Gospel Image Award for “Best Radio” and “Best Tv Show” (2018) 

 Extraordinary People’s Choice Award for “Best Broadcaster Network” and “Best Producer.” and Five-Star Distinguish Community Service Award (2020)

Additionally, she has received The President’s Volunteer Service Award (2021) 

She has been recognized and received awards for  2021 Mentor of the Year and Local Businessperson of the Year 2022 through the organization Alignable where she brings business leaders together within the Charlotte community. Plus, she coordinates educational opportunities for Local, National, and International nonprofit organizations.

Libby Grier is a pillar in the community that displays a high degree of integrity, transparency, energy, and execution. She believes the importance of being a great leader is to be a great follower as well.  She has proven her leadership ability by organizing several projects and programs within her excellent scholastic and professional accomplishments. She proudly shares the core values of education, empowerment, and encouragement of   WYTV7. One of its programs opportunities is collaborating with other business leaders who can aid in mentoring young people by providing them with an educational knowledge that aligns as a learning resource for their future generation.

Currently, Libby provides.

  • Leadership, Management, and Accountability
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Financial Supervision & Compliance

She oversees, manages, funds, and coordinates the organization’s day-to-day operations to fulfill its mission. She works closely with WYTv7’s Board, key stakeholders, and partners. Libby provides visibility in the local community, collaborating with other organizations, donors, and partners to further WYTV7’s mission and vision.