Shamika  Satterthwaite - Stokes

Shamika Satterthwaite - Stokes

Collaborative Ventures Director of Marketing/Owner of Mekscreations Creative Solutions

Shamika is the business owner of  Mekscreations Media and Creative Solutions LLC, a communication marketing agency specializing in providing marketing solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

marketing brand and consulting agency

As a company with more than ten years of experience, MeksCreations Media and Creative Solutions LLC will ensure you always receive the best guidance available. Our clients entrust us to serve them at all levels of their organization, in whatever capacity is most productive, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or a hands-on coach to front-line workers. We assemble a team of experts with the appropriate experience and expertise for every project. We aim to optimize your business relationships by tailoring our services to your requirements. 

MeksCreations Creative Solutions is a communication marketing agency that provides marketing solutions to build and strengthen businesses’ brand identity.

  • Strategic digital and graphic design 
  • Web design 
  • E-commerce design 
  • Digital platform support 

Consulting for small businesses, churches, and entrepreneurs. 

We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client for the long term.  

  • Dabis Daughter
  • Guards Down
  • Constant Contact
  • Hubspot Business & Marketing

Consider MeksCreations Creative Service. Every image, graphic, and piece of content is designed with a purpose… to reach your intended target audience.


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