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Collaborative Ventures Board of Directors

Jeffrey Green LaPronda I. Spann Antoine Smith

Executives & Chairs

President Jeffrey Green Vice–President/Chief Operating Officer Antoine Smith Chief Strategy Officer LaPronda I. Spann
Secretary/Administrative Support Yvonne Young Executive Director Membership Chair
Business Development Chair Felix P. Nater Technology Chair Tenessa Moore Community Outreach Chair


Jeffrey Green Ira Bass Jonathan Putman
Yvonne Young Charles Lloyd Coretta Farrar
LaPronda I. Spann Tenessa Moore Joy E. Paige
Azania Herron LaShawn Middleton Santrell Green
Steve Gatter Hank Dozier Dave Thompson
Denise Cagan Marvin Walker  Antoine Smith
 Tameran Davenport  Bobbie C. Stokes  Shonda S. Caines
 Fu’ Jetta Green  Carl B. Winchester  Denise Archer