Jeff Green

Jeffrey L. Green is the Account Manager for Ronco Specialized Systems, Inc. Ronco has a 35-year history in providing  Life Safety  Technology to the Health Care industry. Ronco has 19 offices throughout the US including North Carolina, South Carolina,  Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Northwest Pennsylvania and Vermont.

We pride ourselves in representing the leading manufactures in the markets we represent. We are one of  Rauland Borg `s largest distributors in the country.  Our focus is to position Hospitals/ Nursing facilities to improve staff-to- patient, nurse -to -doctor, and staff -to -staff communication. Decrease response time. Streamline workflow processes. Increase both staff and patient satisfaction and a lot more.

Ronco Specialized Systems, Inc. differentiates themselves by customizing and tailoring solutions to fit the needs of their customers.  Ronco provides full service, 24/7 support with certified factory trained technicians. Jeff prides himself on taking the time to thoroughly understand his customer’s needs.   He states, “[Understanding my customers’ needs] is vital in providing the correct solutions.”

Jeff served as Vice President of Sales, Account Executive, and Sales Manager Telecommunications for Ronco for a period of 27 years. Jeff relocated to Charlotte in 2007.

Jeff is the President and Co-Founder of Collaborative Ventures and President of BEES. Collaborative Ventures was created by Mark Williams, Jeffrey Green, and Luther Williams. Their vision was to make Collaborative Ventures the premier business consortium in the Charlotte Region, which provides access to the necessary business resources and support network that leads to exponential growth. 

BEES (Black Economic Empowerment System is a systematic approach to Black community economic empowerment, and it is all-inclusive.


  • Ring 44/Golden Glove Boxing for Youth – Inductor of Fighters to WNY Boxing Hall of Fame – Buffalo, New York

  • Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce – North Carolina

  • Youth Basketball Coach – Siskey YMCA – Charlotte, North Carolina

  • North Carolina Chapter of the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International (CEFPI) – Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Collaborative Ventures (Business Resource Group) – Founding Member – Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Co –Owns Book– Documentary Without Us

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