Brenda E Robinson, Motivational Speaker  Aviation Camps of the Carolinas Inc.

As a Navy Pilot and American Airline widebody Pilot, many organizations and schools have found my historic achievements perfect to motivate their students or personnel. I have lectured in many locations but “Aviation Camps of the Carolinas” has been the key. My camps have been formulated for young people in two part fashion: Aviation Careers and Self Confidence, leadership tips and tricks, at an airport near you.

I can relate directly to the shy, type B personality. What I would not give to go back in time and talk to the 13 year old me. And that is what I tell my youngest students. I teach them self-confidence with some leadership thrown in. We perform an exercise that gets them out of their seats and stays with them every day.

No one is a success in everything they do. We learn and excel from setbacks. So I teach goal achievement and “Brace for Impact” to my older students. You can’t be surprised if you saw it coming. I let them imagine their life in 10 years and how to make a comfortable life for themselves providing they learn the big picture, lifestyle, income, employer, education, and college/trade options.

Diversity is a good word. So I unravel human nature from diversity to teach the difference and how to thrive. This discussion is directed toward college students and new business entrepreneurs. 

When I talk to women’s groups and corporate organizations I take from all of the above. This I tailor specifically to the group and their theme or needs.

Lastly, I talk to groups about myself and adventures during my early Navy days. Carrier landings, VIP flying, Desert Storm, instructing, personalities, and more. I am finishing my book called “The Very First Raven.” Some of my stories come from that. 

My page brings my values and love of aviation forward in videos from TV interviews, and photos of Navy and Airline days. Stay updated with my Facebook page and Twitter.