About Us

Who We Are

Collaborative Ventures is a Charlotte North Carolina based business networking organization that promotes business diversity, education and technical assistance not only for its members but for entrepreneurs and professionals in the greater business community as well. It was the brainchild of Mark Williams, Jeffrey L. Green, and Luther Carter, Jr.

We are Charlotte’s Regional Premium Business Consortium

Our Platform and Support Network helps Businesses and Business Professionals who want to Improve or Build a Sustainable Business by Providing  Corporate Level Business Education, Training, Networking, Marketing, and Tools. Collaborative Ventures provides access to the necessary business resources and support networks that lead to exponential growth. Our primary objective is to help our members grow their businesses.



Collaborative Ventures serves its members by connecting them to members and community leaders who provide tools for success. 

Core Values

Honesty, Trust, Integrity, and Opportunity


Collaborative Ventures is the premier business consortium in the Charlotte Region that provides access to the necessary business resources and support networks that lead to exponential growth.

Board of Directors

Jeff Green

Jeff Green

President of Collaborative-Ventures

Yvonne Young

Yvonne Young

Director of Operations/Owner of Nfinity Services LLC

Shamika Stokes

Shamika Stokes

Director Of Marketing/Owner of MeksCreations